Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Eugoogoly for Jack--On the Merits of a Clean/Organised Workspace

This #5 Stanley Bailey Jack plane managed to make it from 1918 until 2009. It had countless users before it was shipped from Connecticut to Cleveland and made the trans-Atlantic journey to Israel a few years ago. Ironically, i had been thinking, 'i should really figure out a storage solution for these planes instead of having them lay about.' Really?! It doesn't even matter what i was reaching for, does it? The bottom line is that i think i have more junk in the trunk than i realised and my ba-donka-donk knocked the poor plane over. I didn't expect to see the thing properly broken in half! Neither did Walt, who sold me my beloved #5--my first plane (my new Stanley block plane doesn't count), and who was the first one i told. Sorry if i was  bit hysterical, Walt. These pics are for you!  Got Verdomme!Of course, Walt was my saviour and found me a #5 from 1908, as well as a #7! For those of you who don't know Walt, click here. He finds the best stuff and he doesn't mind Newbies barraging him with questions (if he does, he is very polite and helpful). 
Anyway, lesson learnt. I guess. Damn! If only i had used that stupid Organising From the Inside Out book! But i can't find it...


  1. That had to be a sinking feeling watching that head to the floor. Ouch. Save the parts.


  2. another reason to make your own planes! =) seriously, that really sucks, poor thing..