Monday, 24 August 2009

Apartment Grey Water: A (Frustrating) Work in Progress #3

CIMG1009Currently, i have a temporary setup which seems to actually make more sense that what i had originally planned. Though i did buy another bin, i haven't had time to install the little tap (and get covered in old water and make a mess of my flat), so i put the pump into the bin outside and stuck the tubing from the pump into the toilet tank through the window. I had filled the tank like this from outside manually, but it's a pain, and involves unplugging the pump quickly right by water, and cords and tubing going flying--it's dangerous, messy, and annoying. CIMG1011So i plugged the pump into a power strip so now the tank can be filled simply with the press of a button. Right: the source of water

I am not sure if you can tell by this photo, but these plastic twist-thingies (apparently they have a name: cable ties) are attached to the out-feed hose so it doesn't go flying. They are also used to keep the power strip in place.
I am quite positive that they are literally holding this country together, from hubcaps on cars to probably foundations of important government buildings. So here is my analysis, and i am curious as to what you think, as well:

-I don't have to actually faff around making the greywater system
-The novelty of pushing the button and filling the tank up has not worn off
-There is no giant barrel of slightly nasty water hovering over people when they are at their most vulnerable
-Said giant barrel is not blocking the natural sunlight in the toilet

-It's a bad system for Shabbat
-Is this putting more strain on the pump?
-Despite its ease, it is not an automatic system; rather than flushing and having the water refill the tank automatically, the person going to the toilet still has to refill the tank for the next usage. I don't mind, but i think some guests will be weirded out by that...

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