Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Purim 2010=First blogaversary

Mishloach Manot
It's Purim again, and it's hard to believe it. I think my first real blog post was about Purim 2009--so it's been a whole year since i've been blogging. I suppose i should take stock of what i have blogged about and reflect on whether it's making a contribution...

In a very different vein, check out my Mishloach Manot! My friend thought that throwing out plane shavings (or rather, wood shavings) was a waste; and i am sure that the recipients of my Mishloach Manot really appreciated their food being covered with fragrant pine shavings...

Mishloach Manot2Also included (just to crank up the nerdiness and perhaps ensure my identity as the sender, since i inevitably forgot to sign these things) was an article entitled 'The Tree of Death and the Tree of Life: The Hanging of Haman in Medieval Jewish Manuscript Painting', by Katrin Kogman-Appel, courtesy of my friend Menachem Butler of the Michtavim Blog fame.

My friend Hoffy reported to me that she was very happy about the enclosed article. Turns out she was awake for a few hours last night (as some of my friends know, i had no such problem! Dori--i'm sorry, again!) and needed to read something to put her to sleep! Turns out my mother still keeps my Master's thesis in her bedside table for the same reason...


  1. so glad that you enjoyed the article!!

  2. Congratulations. I'm sure the next year will be as interesting as the last.


  3. i absolutely adore the grape juice bottle -

  4. Thank you, Anonymous at 6:13 (waaaaah-get it--613? waaaah). I am guessing you like the grape juice bottle because it says 'Geula' and your last name is Weiss. Am i correct?