Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pachelbel & Taco Bell

So i was listening to St. Matthew's Passion whilst working from home today, and this particular song sounded familiar:

As i heard accompanying English lyrics in my head, the familiarity turned into shock. Could it be? Nah? That's INSANE!:

Yeah! Paul Simon totally ripped off Bach!

Before the next example, I just want to publicly apologise to my father who is probably tearing his hair out and wondering what he did wrong when his own daughter recognises this:

because she was first familiar with this:

'How burgerlijk!'
According to Rob Paravonian, pop culture has been ripping off classical music for ages:
Oh, and Dad, when i do woodworking, my music of choice is Mahler's Symphony No. 2--it's only appropriate, right? ;-)

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  1. I believe Mozart, da Paponte[a jew], and the Don would all have been M Python fans!

    And yes, the most appropriate music for your carpentry is der Auferstehungs Symphonie; especially the second and the last movements - a truly religous experience, so quintessentially jewish.