Thursday, 23 July 2009

Other Stuff the Schippers Were up to During the War

Testimony of the nephew of my grandmother (Anne Schipper-Broedelet)-who was 13 at the time of the war-that my grandparents sheltered a Jewish woman named Rosette Spetter from Nazi arrest. We call her Tante Rosette, and her husband,ז"ל Oom Levie. He gave my grandparents this chanukia, (i will try and dig up Christmas photos with the Chanikia in all its glory!) which my mother recently sent to me in Jerusalem.
(In case there is confusion with the names on the documents, in Holland, when a woman takes her husband's name, it goes in the middle of the hyphenation: Rosette Spetter becomes Rosette Cohen-Spetter, Celine Schipper became Celine Weiss-Schipper, etc.)


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